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Let us put your business on our map!

Foot Traffic

Our game participants visit your location in order to score points.
Another reason for people to check you out.


Keep your new and existing customers coming back.
We award cash and prizes at the end of each game to participants scoring the most points.

Cost Effective

You pay nothing.
It would be remiss if we didn’t mention there are options, some free and some with a nominal fee.
We suggest and encourage you to start with free.

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Tag And Be Tagged

Results Based Advertising Platform

Tag And Be Tagged is a mobile game and marketing platform designed from the ground up with locally owned businesses in mind.

Game Participants (your potential customers) seek out Targets to score points. Participants with the highest point tallies, accumulated over the active game period, win cash and prizes. Our website provides a portal for Participants to find your business. Points are awarded to participants that visit your establishment and scan or enter the code printed on a Target Placard. Points can be tied to a purchase and/or customer action.

Unlike conventional advertising, there are no upfront costs to become a Tag And Be Tagged Business Participant and you don't have to sell your products and services at a discount. A minimum of 10 points are awarded to any Participant visiting your establishment; at no cost to you. More points can be awarded at your discretion; nominal ad rates apply.

Schedule a meeting to discuss ways our platform can help promote your business.

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What we offer

First and foremost we offer a novel approach to promote your business. We also offer co-branded items with your company logo for you to sell or gift.


Standing out in a crowd is challenging. Let's face the challenge together. With our novel approach to marketing and your interesting business, the sky's the limit.


You name it; we can probably slap a logo on it. Keepsakes are difficult to throw away, especially useful ones. And the longer our logos are getting looked at and talked about, the better.


Tell our participants about your business, offer a discount, award additional points for purchasing an item on special; it’s totally up to you.


Tired of selling overpriced crap to family and friends year after year? Work with us to design meaningful keepsakes. Not only does your organization benefit from the initial sale/donation but earn royalties every time the recipient enters a future Tag And Be Tagged game.


Join people just like you and businesses just like yours...


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